Good branding is not when there is nothing left to add. Good branding is when there is nothing left to take away.

Attention! Product placement!

 Starting your own creative business will require a lot more than just some documents and a bit of financing. We learned about the importance of teamwork so now we are ready to discuss my topic- branding! Dealing with public relations, advertising, branding and also doing a BA dissertation on the strategies behind the public imaging I truly understand the nature of the process. When you are trying to put a product out you must be aware how it will look in people’s eyes. When you are trying to launch a company you must think how you would want people to look at you company. But dealing with modern competitors you have to understand the true value of knowing how to STAND OUT. And this is when s*** gets serious.

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Giving “birth” to EQUALYTIE we already knew our value and what we were trying to communicate. My task was to figure out HOW we will communicate it. Knowing the importance of branding I was trying to think of a way to distinguish our company in a positive way in the public eye. To refresh my memory I attended a workshop at FADA (the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture of my University- Kingston). In this workshop a guest lecturer from a huge branding company did talk us through about a lot of things I already knew, but I also refreshed my memory and it gave me fresh ideas to think on.

There are couple of touch points when it comes to branding and these are things like distribution, packaging, direct marketing, name, visual identity, digital/social media, customer service, product design, communications, promotional material and last, but not least what combines this all- public relations. Thank God, I already understand the nature of this things, thanks to Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and my wonderful 4 full years there. I know how to think of a way to actually do them. The important point here is to be constant and to have equal colours and details on all of our branding identity stuff. We came out with our colours- certain blue and certain pink, because after all “EQUALYTIE” is about boys and girls and fighting gender inequality. Then I worked on our social media image and I did something quite different for our Instagram page.

I made the creative decision to incorporate our brand colours as the background of our posts. And the idea was to form our logo- the equal sign:

A very important point in branding is understanding your target group. Applying our research results we did everything possible to organise our public image to be acceptable and appreciated by our targets. We added elements in our communication and we even made an advert. Thus we engaged our customers even further as we decided to include real people that support “EQUALYTIE” in our advert. The add itself helped in creating further emotional bond not only with our viewers and potential consumers, but with the already existing customers and supporters of the brand. add
The hard work each of us did for the business was finally giving results. Our brand become highly recognisable and the bowtie itself became an ultimate symbol of supporting the cause. The brand love test consists of different elements that we all tested and the result was there- we passed! Our brand was distinctive (nothing like it was done ever before, also the name is unique), we definitely grabbed attention ( weather it was with our emotional messages or the vibrant colours of the brand), and we did engage our customers!

      We also did an amazing collaboration work with the company “Unity” as they were fighting another social cause- racism. We did learn a lot throughout our whole process of inventing and managing the company and I am positive we did a great job!

Branding is not a new terminology, but it is one of the most effective tools that PR has to make a company stand out and be loved and remembered. Nowadays as we are surrounded by influencing people who rule people’s minds and I am talking not only about politicians and VIP figures but the self-made VIP’s like the vloggers! I myself am guilty, even I do know how it works to buy almost everything my favourite make up vlogger says she likes, because I do trust her professional opinion and I do like, her as a person.


And here we are! Already having a complete brand journey! Finally we are ready for the final pitch of our product in front of the judges from the “Dragon’s Den”! Watch out for my future blog post when I will describe the whole experience!

See you there!


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