BOW down?

Having a clear and refreshed mind helped us in resolving two steps of the design thinking process when creating our product. However the third step was to ideate and come up with solutions to the problem we want to solve. The problem we decided we want to solve with our business has been existing ever since. And it was inequality between sexes.


We did not want to specify sexism only towards women, because man can be often neglected especially in the 21st centuries where women are getting more and more powerful and independent, but it is true that in the past women were these, that had to obey.

As a Public Relations student in my bachelor years we studied ‘Advertisement’ and I was surprised in how many advertisements from the past century the element of sexism appeared. It was almost everywhere and women were always put in boundaries.


Sexism in the 60’s. Ads. Source: blog

We knew the problem and we see how women are still trying to fit in society ruled by men, so we knew our mission would be to contribute in doing something for its solution.


And so it was time to ideate! We had to find a way we could speak out of this problem via product or service. And so we thought of bow ties! Have you ever notices that bow ties speaks of man and women at the same time? Little girls use to wear bows on their ponytail and man use to wear- bow ties

The history of bow ties starts in the early 1618 when Croatian soldiers used something to keep together the collars of their shirts. Later it has crossed gender lines into women’s wear in the 1920’s. Nowadays we see celebrities are sporting the bow tie look on the daily, inspiring their followers to do the same.


In 2010 at the peak of her career she pulled out the bow hairstyle and people went crazy following this particular Gaga trend. Ever since celebrities and role models to millions of people like Johnny Depp and Justin Timberlake have been wearing bow ties, giving people inspiration to follow their example. 

What we wanted to do with our company is to enhance this idea and take it on a new level. Our product is a bow tie, handmade (for now) out of a recycled wood, that speaks out of a certain cause. Good recycled wood made up to raise awareness of Gender Equality.

And then the question appeared. HOW are we going to produce our product. We started by doing some MVP’s out of cardboard and newspaper, then we drew them on paper and went to the workshop at FADA (Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture at Kingston University and so we completed another step of the scheme- prototyping. We spend couple of hours, trying to make out as many MVP’s (minimum viable product) as possible in as many ways as possible. We made some round ones, some with sharp edges and even some with further details.



We gained inspiration from everywhere about the design and way of producing, because since the bow tie is a fashion accessory, we really wanted to pay attention to the detail.
And we got to spend some really productive hours in a truly inspirational invironment. 
When creating our MVP we started to think of our early adopters and so we invented Sam (we chose the name Sam because it is unisex which metaphorically spoke for our company and product concept. 

It was almost time for Dragons Den presentation so we started our group meetings, consisted of brainstorming and discussions about our product presentation in front of the judges.


We received some really helpful feedback that we are definitely going to take notice to when further developing our product. We wanted to raise awareness to such an important issue in our society by using fashion. That can be great opportunity not only to influence the industry but also to give good example. Things like recycling, style and authenticity stand strongly behind our brand’s name.


By wearing our wooden bow tie we will represent the term of equality in society. We will create awareness of this issue by this symbolic item to wear of this cause.Since we want our product to be sustainable and give values to our customers we know there are many ways of doing that. But we have to find our own and that is why in 2017 we will be more than ready to rock on some fashion! See you there!

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Team Circulus wihes you all a splendid and productive 2017 full of positive vibes, peace and love! 


Are you ready 2017? Because we ARE! Rock ON!

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