Welcome to the Art side of the things

Being a student, who deals with art can never be boring, but for sure can sometimes be challenging. In the previous blog post I showed you what’s it like to attend one of the most popular London art galleries- ‘Victoria and Albert’. Today I’m taking you with me around FRIEZE Art Fair in central London. Grab your popcorn and let’s go!

WARNING: The following post contains a lot of images and scrolling through photographs. Some of the pictures may be really inspiring so also grab a pen and notes!

Friday. 11:35 and still at university… Thanks God we create in the meantime. You may ask what we create? Well, let me show you, because sometimes words cannot cover it all…

Shoes! Today’s task was SHOES! Janja (our course leader) showed up today in class with one leg wearing a sports shoe and the other one wearing a boot! I knew she was up to something! And there it was- we had one hour to go out in the campus and make friends, who are going to give us important feedback- what shoes are they wearing, why do they wear this kind of shoes and why they would choose this model before any other out there in the market. After lunch was over we had to generalise our personalities we have interviewed and to decide what kind of shoes we should design so that our personalities would buy them. And our shoe was the ‘shape shifter’! Of course we had 20 minutes to create our model out of paper and duct tape, so our model may not seem perfect but we had fun while creating it!
What has shoes got to do with business and music you may ask, right? In order to know HOW to create the right kind of ‘products’ even for the music market, we have to know HOW are users behaving and why they make the choices they make. This is why we do these tasks and we have fun, while doing it and we also make new friends!

15:00. We are all in the hall, waiting for the next instructions.
– Ok, enough with studying. Off to central London, everybody!
Hallelujah! I love when we head to  the big city! Read my next post to see what happened there… !


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