The average price to enter this event was around £50. Feel privileged that I took you with me today. For free. Let’s go!
What I find most interesting about art in general is the fact that everyone understands it in his own way. Isn’t that beautiful?


Finally we headed to Central to go visit the famous FRIEZE fair. I felt like a freshman- obviously excited without a single idea what was going on. (I am happy that I now understand the meaning of everything 🙂
The organisation of the event was not the perfect if I have to be honest. They made us pay –£ per bag and coat and if we wanted to have them with us, we could not. Which was kind of… ???
I did not get to pay however (being bloody Bulgarian and proud of it!) because I managed to complain about this to the right person who gave me free pass for my coat and backpack. What I learned from PR is: The importance is not in what you say, but HOW and WHO you said it to.  Remember those words. I’ll be famous one day and you will quote them.

The place was fully crowded with strange people from all backgrounds and the atmosphere was kind of like a Lady Gaga concert- men with tights and women with shaved heads. Nothing against them, I love them! Long live art students!
Like in a typical day, Allexandra got lost (tell me about it…), trying to find all her colleagues in order to see the gallery together. We had only one hour to see everything and I was still looking where did everyone go?! Anyways, I decided that by myself I will have more time to think and receive the art messages more efficiently if by my own, so I opened the map I got from the ginger guy at the entrance, swallowed my anxiety and I decided I would start from the yellow section.
Each section had different colour and meaning. There were art pieces by artists all over the globe, some of which left me speechless (and not necessarily in a good way…).

  “Each iteration of the work has revealed the marketing of femininity and the infantilisation of the female gender while also exploring the culturally loaded colour pink and its continued societal projection onto girls and women”- Portia Munson (the artist), Pink Project: Table 
And this is what I LOVE about art! It can be scandalous and passionate when representing its statement! The beauty behind the emotion of the artist covered in his piece. The true role of events like this are different, however. The 14th edition of Frieze is now established as one of the world’s most important art fairs, there are hundreds of commercial art galleries selling the work of thousands of artists.

My eyes was all over the place, fascinated by the beauty surrounding me. For a moment I thought I was lost and then I find the way back. Or at least art showed it to me.


I have never felt so small and so big at the same time. There were people everywhere and the beauty of it hides is that we were all different. Just like the art pieces inside. Some were scandalous, other were quite small, but important. Although I am just a student in London and am still learning how to do my own art, I felt I was in the right place.


Okay. FAIR enough you may say, haha. But what did this experience gave me? Attention. Attention for thoughts, how you express them and last but most important- detail. Great attention for detail. There were so many insignificant at first sight objects, that hided stories for millions of $ behind them and also there were the huge ones, who spoke almost nothing. But hey, there is beauty in silence, too. In Bulgaria we have a saying ”Silence is golden.” I should try to remember that. So yeah, details.



                     Sometimes details help make the whole picture… whole. 



I have made almost three digit number of pictures from that day and probably you will have to scroll until you grow grey hair so I will not include all of the photos, but I will for sure show you at least the most valuable ones. And what is valuable you may ask… Well, you tell me!



I am glad I remembered one thing. We are people. We are ART! Art comes within us and our job as an artists would be to find our own unique way to express it and to create value to this world. I am leaving you now with some more photos of the event and I will see you in my next blog post. In the meantime- create and be creative! Au revoir!












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